M80 - M120 sizes

M60 streg web.jpg
M60 streg web.jpg

M80 - M120 sizes

from 1,060.00

Model : Moon80 -120 - Ash , walnut, teak, opal, Polished steel, Brass : 

Diameter from Ø800 mm to 1200mm

Black oxidized or Stainless steel frame -  Black fabric cable - E27 porcelain socket -  CE - Max 75W - 100W .

The Moon lamp is inspired by the Japanese notion “komorebi”, which depicts the unique patterns and shadows created when sun rays shines through the leaves and trees - they are build with 3 shade layers which each reflects and warms the light, gives a pleasant direct view,  while having functional light downwards. 

FSC certified Veneer.

Design: Brian Kirk


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