Brian Kirk

Brian Kirk is a Danish skilled craftsman with an indisputable passion for light - with nature as one of his primary inspirations.

Since his initial beginning as a lampmaker in 1999, Kirk has continued perfecting his craft and experimented with various designs.

His most recent success MOON lies within the concept 1055.0 (TENFIFTYFIVEZERO) and has since become Kirk’s signature lamp. Today, Kirk’s workshop consists of a barn surrounded solely by nature and serenity on the outskirts of Copenhagen.


The visable universe energy is a 10 with 55 zeroes

One cubic centimeter of vacuum energy is a 10 with 93 zeroes

Fibbonachi laughs

The concept of 1055.0 is inspired by a haiku and based on the scientific and mathematical equation of light. Practically everything in the universe is made up of proportional and symmetrical dimensions. Everything from leaves to the physiological makeup of the human body is founded on universal standard measurements. This insight encapsulates the essence of 1055.0 while Kirk’s craftsmanship is his unique force. Each lamp is an inimitable piece of fine craftsmanship. Given that the lamps are handmade, this results in individual and unique creations; Kirk is a firm believer of imperfection being beautiful and authentic.


The essence of 1055.0 is summarized and illustrated in MOON, which is Kirk’s most popular lamp made of wood in a simple layered design. The lamp is inspired by the Japanese notion “komorebi”, which depicts the unique patterns and shadows created when sunrays shines through the leaves and trees. MOON is in essence crafted using specific proportional and symmetrical measurements inspired by the concept of 1055.0. With this lamp, Kirk contests to shadows being eqaully interesting as the lighting.